How Do I Add A Risk Assessment Through The App?

When creating a Risk Assessment through the app you can either create the Risk assessment against a Job or a Site. 

If you go the the home tab on your app you will see the Nearest Site or Today's jobs, select the site or the job you would like to create to Risk Assessment against and you will see the button "Add Risk Assessment".


Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 11.37.23


You will then be asked to follow through a series of questions such as; the document name, select who is managing the document, the date & time and where the nearest hospital is and who you would like the document distributed to. 


Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 11.37.59    Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 11.38.28


You will then be required to select the related Tasks (you can select multiple) which will have been set up previously through the settings in the Portal. 


Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 11.39.08


You can also choose to add POW flags and COSH related assessments in the document.


Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 11.39.50


When you select complete you will now be ready to view the RAMS. 

You will now have the option to Edit, Preview or Complete the Risk Assessment.


Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 11.40.31