How Do I Complete An Audit In The App?

The Work Wallet app makes it easy to conduct an audit on site, you can capture observations and write notes as you go. 

Audits will be assigned to either a site or a job which the mobile app user can complete. 

To access an audit assigned to a site select the site either from the Nearest Site option on the home screen, or, search for the relevant site through the sites tab.

To view audits assigned to a job, select the job from either the Todays Jobs on the home page, or from the Jobs tab on the navigation bar.


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To create an Audit, press the Add Audit button and follow it through with the questions.




You will be required to select the Audit type and any applicable checklists (you can select more than one checklist).


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You will also be asked several questions such as; the date & time of the audit, the audit summary, who is conducting the audit and to select the report template.


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You will also have the option to include any company representatives and site managers, which will pull through from the address book and decide if you would like them to receive a copy of the audit report which will be sent to their email address set up in the system. 





You will be taken to the Checklist/Observation screen where you will have the list of questions that require answering. Tap Select to choose your answer from the list, the answers will depend on the checklist you have chosen. You can add observations by clicking Add General Observation under the Observations tab or click the three dots next to any checklist item to record an observation against that element. This will then load the observation detail screen where you can capture your notes and add photos accordingly.


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Once finished you can click Save Changes to save your answers and return to the audit screen. 

Once you have completed all items, you will then be able to complete your audit. Just press the Review Audit button under Update Audit Status.




Now your Audit is ‘Ready for Review’ and you can then collect signatures as required. Just tap on the Add Signature button where you will then be able to capture a drawing of a signature within the app.



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Once you are satisfied you have answered all questions and captured all relevant signatures you can click Complete Audit.