How Do I Create/Manage Investigation Processes?

You have the ability to create investigation process for different category's and their severity level. You can create these by going to the Settings and into Investigation Processes  (only wallet administrators have access to this).   

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 13.32.44Here is where you will manage any investigation processes and create a new one by selecting + Create a process.

You will then be required to give the process a name and description and create the rules around when this investigation process is applicable. Simple select the category (and subcategory if applicable) and severity that will trigger this process. You can create as many different rules as you like with the same process. 

You will also choose which options you will use in your investigation. Enable root cause will add a tab on the reported issue for an immediate cause and root cause to be identified. Enable Timeline with add a tab on the reported issue for a timeline of events to be built. Please note enabling these options will make them mandatory.

If you enable Investigation Data you can then build a workflow to be completed (similar to the reporting workflow. Add workflow components by clicking 'Add Workflow component' and selecting the component type you require.

 Continue adding components to your workflow. You can even add branches onto the workflow.

If you enable Investigation Checklist you can then build a process of stages and checklists. Simply create your stages giving each stage a title and checklist items. You can create as many different checklists items under one stage and as many stages as you like.