How Do I Create A Draft Permit Through The App?

In order to submit a permit through the app, you will need to select the 'sites' tab at the bottom of app and select the site you would like to submit a permit against. (Please note if you are a user with standard access and only set as site manager for one site you won't see any other sites in your list.)




Once you have selected the site, you will then see a site shortcut listed as 'Draft Permits' 





You will then have to option to view any draft permits, live permits or closed permits. However, to add a new permit you will need to select the box '+Add New'.




You will then have the option to select which type of permit you would like to create, these options are configurable within the wallet settings under 'Permit To Work Categories'.




Once you have chosen the type of permit you would like to create, you will then be required to fill out a description of the Permit task or activity you are completing. 





Then you will select which company the Permit is issued to. This will pull through all of the company's which have been set up within the address book.





You will then have the option to select who the permit is issued to (you can select more than one person). This can be anyone who is a user or set up as a company contact.





Finally you will have the option to choose a date of when the Permit to work should be issued followed by clicking complete. This will then create a Draft permit ready to be reviewed and activated.