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How Do I Access a Site Gateway?

The Site Gateway allows contractors and other workers to submit permits, update live permits, view Site Safety Briefings and Complete Inductions.

In order to Access a Site Gateway, you will need either the sites QR code which should be displayed on site as a Poster or the URL which can be shared by the Site Manager. You will also need the Access Pin.





Scanned the QR code using your devices camera and click when prompted, to open the website in your browser. Next enter the 5 digit Access Pin of that site.



You will then be asked to Select your Company from the drop down list and enter your Email Address. If your Company is not displayed then your company has not yet been added as an approved contractor for the site, please contact the Site Manager who will be able to add the company.

If you have selected your Company and you are a new contact, simply choose 'Register contact'

Provide your information and choose a 4-digit PIN that you can use later to access your account and select continue.

If you have already registered as a contact, simply select the 'Already Registered' option on the gateway. You will then be prompted to enter your surname.

After entering your surname, a list of contacts with the same surname will be displayed. To access your account, simply choose the blue continue option next to your name. :


Then enter your personal 4 Digit PIN : 

You will then be taken to the gateway page, icons displayed will differ depending on the enables features of your gateway.

This can include: Clock In, Submit Permit, Live Permits, Report Issue, Site Briefings and Site Inductions. Select the option you require and follow the on screen wizards.