How do I add a API Key to My Wallet?

Once logged into your Wallet in the Portal, go into your Settings which can be found in your left hand navigation panel, right at the bottom :


Within the settings, scroll to the bottom, here is where you will be able to find your 'API Keys' to manage and create your API. 





Once you are in, select '+Create API Key'


Enter the API Key Name, select the valid for period and select the relevant permissions for the Key you are creating : 


Once you have entered and selected the relevant permissions, select 'Save API Key' a pop up will appear for you to Copy & Paste your Key into the application you wish to integrate with. 

Please note : Once you select 'Save API Key'  a pop-up will appear with your API Key - This is only displayed ONCE, after creation you are unable to then go in and find the key. Please be sure to store this if required.