How Do I Create A Risk Assessment Distribution List?

When you have created a Risk Assessment (RA) document, you can create a distribution list.


Contacts on that list can be tagged with different permissions and requirements, depending on whether they need to read it only, or need to sign it as well.


To create a distribution list, click on the Distribution tab in the window for the RA you want to share.

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 16.18.42

To add contacts to a list, you can then either:

  • Click the Company and Contact drop down menus, select the relevant contacts from your pre-defined contact lists, and then click Add.
  • Add contacts ‘in line’ as you work, where you have new contacts that need adding / creating, by clicking the + icon to the right-hand side of the Contact drop down menu – and then click Add

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 16.19.16

Contacts do not have to have an email address attributed to them, though this is recommended. 


In the menu immediately below then summarises for each contact:

  • When notification was sent to the contact (if they have an email address)
  • Whether they have read the RA
  • Whether they have signed the RA