How Do I Link a Department to my Site?

To access the Address Book, go to the left-hand panel and select Company.

address book]


Next, click on Sites:

You will then see all sites within your account, once you have identified the site select 'Detail' beneath the site in question. 

On the Site Detail page, right at the bottom, select 'Show' on the advanced option :

advanced options

This will then open up the Advanced fields for the site, here you will see the field 'Managed by Departments'

When you select the text field, you will be shown a list of all departments in your account. If you already know the name of the department you are looking for, you can simply type it in and the system will bring up the matching departments for you to choose from.


Simply click on the department and this will then be added into the field, you are also able to add multiple departments to a site.

Once you have added the relevant departments, select 'Save Site'