How Do I Manage Departments?

Within the Work Wallet Portal users can be assigned to departments that are set and managed by your Wallet administrators.

A department is a way of grouping users together for reporting or notifications or to provide users an explicit view of the system.

Enhanced users are able to access their departments data.  

These departments can easily be created and managed from within the "settings" area of the portal, to access simply click on the "cog" icon within the navigation bar and go to the Work Wallet Setup section.


To manage your department settings, select the "Departments" option within the Company section of the menu.

Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 08.55.44

From here you can create, edit or delete your wallets departments.


When creating a department, you will be asked to provide a name and its Status : 


Once you are happy with these you can click 'Save'.   Departments with a status of "Active" will instantly be available when creating users.

Departments are also linked to sites within your Wallet to group together those users and the applicable sites: 


Within your address book, you can filter down by department