How Do I Report an Issue In The App?

The Work Wallet App enables users to report issues quickly and easily, allowing your organisation to take swift and effective action to safe guard your workforce.

You can raise an issue from several places within the mobile app, but mainly from a site page, (either your current location or from the location menu) or from the "Shortcuts" on the Home screen.

Below are two examples of where the "Report an Issue" button can be located.


Image 1: Site Page


site view

Image 2: "Shortcuts" , Home page

shortcut view

If you report an issue via a site page the mobile app will automatically assign the issue to this site.  If you select the "Shortcut" you will be asked to confirm the location of your incident or concern.

You will then be asked what type of issue you wish to report:


Each of these options has a unique series of questions you will need to complete so a detailed report of the issue is captured.

The Issue Categories available are completely configurable so you may have a different selection than the examples in the screenshots. Some examples of issue categories and possible reporting questions are outlined below.


Concern and Near Miss

Concerns and Near Miss reporting will allow you to capture details of potential concerns so action can be taken to prevent incidents or injury in the future.  Both these options will ask you to describe the issue as well as define what category the issue falls into.



Reporting an Incident will require you to detail the type of incident, whether it is Property Damage, Service Damage, Environmental Incident or Crime and specifically what the damage or circumstances are.



For an Accident you will be asked questions regarding the injury, such as who was injured, the location, the severity and level of treatment or First Aid provided. An example can be seen in the image below:

  accident sum-1


Ill Health

Like an accident reporting Ill Health will require you to provide details of the illness, who was affected and what (if any) treatment was provided.


Once you have completed these questions all issue reports will allow you to attach photographs in support or reference to the issue you are reporting.