What Is The Supported Browser Policy?

Work Wallet supports most desktop web browsers for accessing and managing data through the web portal, and Chrome for viewing the web portal on tablet devices. We focus our support on the most recent versions of most major browsers.

Supported browsers

You can use the following browsers to access the Work Wallet portal. We recommend using the latest browser version available to your operating system. Older versions or versions that are out of lifecycle support from the manufacturer cannot be guaranteed to be supported.

Recommended Browser
Chrome - Supported for PC, Mac, iPad and Android Tablets
Download Chrome 

Other Supported Browsers

Microsoft Edge - Supported for PC and Mac
Firefox - Supported for PC and Mac
Safari - Only supported for Mac

Legacy Browser Support
Internet Explorer - Only partially supported for PC
Please note, Internet Explorer is now a depreciated web browser and is not recommended for use due to security and performance issues. It is possible to access the portal using IE however some functionality may be degraded or not available. Please use a fully supported browser where possible.

Here are a few other things to note when using a supported browser:

• Your version of Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer depends on your device's operating system.
• Beta versions of browsers aren't supported.

Minimum requirements access

To log into the Work Wallet portal, ensure that these settings are enabled in your browser:

• Cookies - Cookies must be enabled in your browser. Blocking cookies may limit your ability to access the system.
• JavaScript - Must be enabled to access key functions.
• Avoid running programs that block JavaScript, most commonly anti-virus software. Blocking JavaScript can interfere with browser functions required to access the system.