How Do I View A Completed Audit In The App?

You can view a completed audit in the app by either going to the Site or the Job that the Audit was completed against and you will find a subheading with all of the Audits displayed. 


ca_1.PNG    ca_2.PNG


However you can also use the shortcuts on the homepage and select My Audits.


ca_3.png    ca_4.jpg


When you have found the Audit you would like to view, you can review the details such as; the Audit checks and observations, actions, who was inspecting the Audit and view any report signatures. 


ca_5.png    ca_6.PNG


You can then select Download Report which creates a PDF document pulling through all of the Audit Data. 




If all actions are closed out and the data looks accurate then you can update the Status and Close the Audit Report.