What Are Tasks Within A Risk Assessment?

What are Tasks in Work Wallet?

Tasks are the key component when creating a Risk Assessment. They have been specifically designed to help build Risk Assessments quickly while providing a lot of flexibility for options available and bringing together a lot of linked data. 

Tasks can be anything - you can create them to be as specific or broad as you need, depending on the work carried out by your business. They can include work to be done before, during and after a job, to provide a full picture of safety needs when carrying out the work.

Some Example Tasks:

  • Wiring a plug
  • Drilling Concrete
  • Hanging a door
  • Driving to site
  • Installing Heras Fencing

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 16.25.13

For each of these examples, there are different Hazards and Risks associated with them, but you can configure these as needed in your settings. We'll look at this further in the article. 

If needed, you have the flexibility to create variants of these Tasks with modified Risks so that your team have a good range of options to choose from, when selecting the relevant Tasks that are required. 

Task Component Parts

 A task is made up of 4 component parts:

  • Task Information
  • Linked Risks / Hazards
  • COSHH Information
  • Equipment

When you select a task to add to a Risk Assessment, all of this linked data is brought together and put into your document in the relevant areas. To setup a task, go to the Tasks option in the main Settings screen.

NOTE: Only Wallet Administrators can access Task Settings 

Here you will find the list of Tasks in your Wallet, with the option to add or update them as needed. In the example below, there is the main task information, as well as the selected Risks, COSHH and Equipment needed. Each of these items are individually managed, and you will need to ensure you have added these parts in before you can select them in your task list. 

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 16.25.45 

Selecting and Ordering Tasks

Once you have built your list of tasks, you can then add them to your Risk Assessment Document. To do this, press the "Select Tasks" button in your Document Data tab, where you will then have the list of your tasks to choose from. Once you have selected relevant ones, you then have the ability to order these as needed, which will be reflected in your document. Ordering your tasks can help create a sequence of works, if your tasks are quite specific in what is detailed.

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