What's the difference between a Contractor and Work Requirement?

Requirements are a custom set of information that you would want an external contractor (or a member of your own team) to complete as part of a job.

You can assign as specific contractor (or employee) to a requirement using your contact list drop down menu.

When you approve a job, the system will then notify the contact by email that they have information they need to complete and return.

  • Contractor requirements

Where you have a standard requirement that spans across all your jobs that needs to be completed by your contractors, and which is shareable with multiple contractors (e.g. every contractor must submit a risk assessment, regardless of the job they are doing).

  • Work requirements

A requirement which is attributed to only one specific contractor per job (e.g. rigging lighting at an event), which details all the information that contractor needs supply to be able to complete that particular job (e.g. RAMS, insurance details, etc.).